How Pheromone Colognes Can Help You Find Your Mate

Science has revealed a scientific way to attract women; it is by using the pheromones as your cologne! Though most of the men are not quite sure on how to take advantage of this, it still helps them find a mate no matter what.

Whenever people talk about pheromone cologne what comes in mind first is attraction because it’s basically an aphrodisiac. Pheromones are the chemicals secreted by the animals to attract their partner whenever they need to mate. So with just a tang of pheromones, and voila! They’ll get laid.

Other forms of pheromones are used in the animal kingdom to mark territories, leave a trail of food, and to bond a mother to their child. But of course, customers are mostly interested with the pheromones that can trigger sexual arousal.

pheromone cologne, what are pheromones

Tips To Get Your Mate Closer

Because it is used in mating, it is just logical that women are actually more susceptible to pheromone colognes when they are ovulating. Of course, it may be impossible for you to know whether your dream lady is ovulating or not.

But if ever she is and you happen to wear the cologne, expect that you will most likely get positive reactions from her. Read on these tips that will help you further your knowledge and take advantage of this wonder cologne:

  • Get Closer.If you are thinking of attracting your dream lady then it is best to get closer to her. Women can detect the pheromone scent at a distance of 18 inches. The VNO or Vomeronasal organ inside our nose picks up the pheromones in the cologne. So when you come closer to your mate and she picks up the scent, there is a great chance that she’ll keep her eyes on you, in a good way!
  • Try the best cologne brand.Some of the best men’s colognes are available mainly to draw the ladies’ attention. Though, it is believed that the Sandalwood cologne can attract women as well, but only in a really subtle way. You just need to find out the perfect pheromone cologne that can truly help you bring out her natural instincts.
  • Cheer Up.Colognes that contain pheromones boost up your mood. It is an effective tool to bring out people’s best behavior. It can also help you to heighten your sex appeal! So if you are planning a date with your mate, it is important to look presentable so you will never be embarrassed! This will give justice to your willingness and to your preparation to attract your dream mate! So be the perfect date that you can be by finishing off with a spritz of cologne.
  • Go for the most effective.If your aim is to attract your mate, then check the biological efficacy of your pheromones cologne before you purchase. Determine whether it’s effective or not because sometimes, even the strong colognes fail to give just as strong results. Try best men’s cologne that has the capacity to attract the ladies with its positive behavior-altering results.

Nowadays, using pheromones for men are one of the most popular ways to attract women. However, pheromone colognes do not have any magical power. It can only do so much. If you are thinking about attracting every person you meet with the help of pheromone colognes that is impossible with all the things to consider. But, if you use a great cologne, then finding a mate is not as hard as it was anymore.


EDT EDC EDP… What’s the difference?

Fragrances come in a different variety of forms. You may have seen Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum on your cologne or perfume box before. Each of these fragrances are defined and categorized differently based on the aromatic oils they contain. To get a general idea of each one, see below.

different mens colognes

Eau de Cologne – EDC is at the bottom of the list when it comes to the percentage of fragrance oil. Having a little more than aftershave, EDCs range from a 3-8% concentration. These are great if you want something a bit more refreshing and light. These are often applied as spray.

Eau de Toilette – EDT is the standard type when it comes to mens cologne. These can have a concentration of anywhere from 5-15% and are good for everyday use. EDT is the most popular form of fragrance sold in retail markets. Dominant scent that fades quickly. Very good for summer wear.

Eau de Parfum – EDP is a form of fragrance that is stronger, possessing a longer lasting scent than the others mentioned so far. This form is most commonly known as women’s perfume. The concentration of the fragrance oils are typically between 10-20% making this scent strong enough for dating, but possibly a bit too strong if you work in a more confined area such as an office.

Perfume / Parfum Extrait – The more stronger, richer and complex version of EDP, perfume extract clocks in between 15-40% fragrance oil. This type of fragrance is the longest lasting as well as the most expensive of the bunch. Only a very small amount is needed to get the intended effect.

3 Top Mens Cologne That Women Find Irresistible!

sexy mens cologne

Smell is very important for women and knowing this, you can arouse most any woman and even have some at your beck and call! Women are more attracted to men who wear cologne than those who don’t. So what are three of the top selling men’s cologne that will make you smell sexy and turn women on?

CK One Summer 2013

ck one summer cologne

CK One Summer is a new and fresh combination of a delicate and refreshing scent containing aquatic and fruity citrus aromatic notes. It unearths the vivid rush of diving into the exotic world beneath the sea and discovering what lies underneath qualifying it as a great mens cologne. A tonic woody fragrance—bright top notes of splashing waterfall and zesty citrus give this top mens cologne an immediate freshness factor! As the perfume dies down, the caraway seeds add a hint of aromatic sensuality into it, while the clean woody notes of moss and musk have a sexy, skin-like warmth. Fresh and clean, this cologne opens with notes of lime, blue mint, cucumber and bergamot. The heart of lotus, rosemary, green apple and fresh water accords is laid on the woody base of driftwood, sandalwood, sea moss and rum.

Love & Luck by Ed Hardy – Love is a Gamble

ed hardy mens cologne

Love & Luck is one of the best smelling men’s cologne that gives off an irresistible, masculine scent, perfectly suited for any occasion. This being a truly masculine cologne, “Love is a Gamble” perfume has a bright mix of cypress, mandarin, dark vetiver, violet, cedar wood and musk possessing a blend of oriental, spicy, citrus, and woody notes. The men’s edition is inspired by the night life of Tokyo and characterized with a light electrical mixture of freshness and fruit, leaving this one as a clear entry in the list of the top mens cologne that women find irresistible. Being of the top mens cologne, this scent will turn heads wherever you travel. It’s an evocative scent that works well for a wide variety of occasions; Love & Luck is quite an alluring choice.

Sean John I Am King

sean john i am king cologne

Only the best selling men’s cologne from Sean John could have this much bravado to be egocentrically named “I Am King”. This fragrance conceptualizes around the notion of royalty, giving life to this concept with vast arrays of uncommon scents such as champagne, cranberries, and key lime pie. The notes of Mediterranean water and Imperial French berry instantly create a magnetic attraction. Its woodsy undertone will make her melt in your arms. This cologne is like a mastermind, dab on it lightly and see it light your evening. Defined by its unique masculine freshness, sensual woods and sparkling fruits, I Am King by Sean John creates a new signature scent for modern men. This top men’s cologne effectively balances lavishness and masculinity, which aren’t two congruent characteristics commonly attributed to a men’s cologne. This scent is for those who dream big and live large. It’s a male fragrance that settles close to the skin, so it won’t make you stand out in the room, but it will make you smell nice in close and romantic situations.

An Irresistible Scent…

 An irresistible scent that turns women’s heads…
sexy mens cologne

A surefire way to get a woman coming back to you for more is a cologne that leaves a trail of alluring smell. Don’t settle for the ordinary and common but pick unique fragrances with the best men’s cologne and you’re in for a whole day of captivating charisma.

The Perfect Scent

Before making any purchase, make sure to pick the right scent for you because just like skinny jeans are not for everyone, a certain scent can also not be that flattering for you.

So choose a scent that is in accordance with your skin type and body type. The best choice is a fragrance that is closest to your natural body scent.

But of course, you should pick different scents for different occasions. Buying a separate perfume for a bowtie-formal event and for everyday use is also not a bad idea. You can try samples in the stores and find the best cologne for you.

To impress women is always the top priority of best men’s cologne. And you don’t have to worry about that anymore, just don the right scent and you’re sure to be left noticeable.

The Scent that Captivates

As much as men have their own scent preferences, they still need to go for the one that will impress their better halves. In fact, more than 53% of males use colognes just to impress their girlfriends! It’s crazy, isn’t it?

With that being said, it is important to know what the ladies are thinking. According to the study of Chemical Senses, women are extra-susceptible to the powerful scents.

Cinnamon- or Vanilla-concentrated colognes are extremely popular with women. But opting for the masculine, sporty, and fresh scents are also highly preferred.

There is no particular best men’s cologne to impress your loved ones, as it is unpredictable to tell what the ladies will like. If you want to impress a woman, then try to know about her personality. This will help you determine what type of cologne she might like best on you.

You can try something light and refreshing if the woman is the sporty or athletic type. Whereas you can choose a heavy scent for women with a sensual, romantic, and seductive personality.

The Right Amount

Though most of the women like the smell of men’s cologne, you need to remember that too much scent can also turn women off. The scent can be overpowering or can even cause headache to some.

No need to drown her with a your scent, because the cologne is concentrated, you can just lightly dab it on the wrist, chest area, neck area, and even your hair and expect the girls to stick around a little more longer.

So what are you waiting for? All you need is to change your ol’ boring cologne and perk up your dating life in an instant!