Trying to find the best mens cologne that works for you can be quite confusing with the myriad of brands, scents and prices offered in todays market. What works for some people may not work for others, but there are certain ones that have stood the test of time. Stalwarts of the smell good industry you could call ‘em. While all scents react differently on each person, these men’s fragrances tend to do universally well. Whether you’re looking to change things up, or to impress a girl, there is a cologne out there that will keep you smelling fresh and remaining confident throughout the day.

While cologne is part of the daily grooming process for some men, for others it’s a mystery or an “only for special occasions” deal. When looking for a cologne that matches your style, you need to test a few out on your skin to see which mix of scent tones blend with your body chemistry. And while it can be used during the daily grooming process, many single men use it as a confidence booster and use it in hopes it can serve as an aphrodisiac with women.

Check out some reviews on some great fragrances for men that you should consider. Feel free to check out the site and enjoy!

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani – A Popular Scent

armani code cologne for men

Nobody should doubt the popularity of Armani Code as one of the best mens cologne. As one of so many fragrances from this Italian designer, Armani Code stands out for its distinctive masculine scent that no other male cologne can rival. Armani Code in Eau de Toilette is famous for its bergamot and lemon aroma combination which is mixed perfectly well with the impulsive aroma of Guiac wood.

Armani Code Summer for Men also possesses a breathtaking aroma from the Italian shiny sun—as its origin—and the sexy, calm scent of the Mediterranean fresh water. Its nature-inspired ingredients from cedar wood, grapefruit, musk and bergamot feature striking aromas. Summer for Men from Armani Code is the perfect option during the summer season as its fragrance is lighter than other Armani Code fragrances. Definitely, all Armani Code products always emphasize masculinity and this is why Armani Code will remain as one of the best selling and best smelling mens cologne.

Chrome by Loris Azzaro

top mens fragrance chrome azzaro

Chrome by Azzaro is a versatile scent that deserves to be ranked among the best mens cologne. The fragrance has top notes of citrus, keeping it light and sporty and just casual enough to be suitable for wearing during the day. This is a fresh scent, and is perfectly suited for the office, but for those that get closer to the man wearing Chrome they’ll discover more.

There are richer tones present like sandalwood and cedar, so it’s not out of place in more formal settings, or during the most intimate of encounters. The metallic blue liquid in a simple bold bottle gives hints to the cologne inside. Chrome is a smooth scent, and the perfect gift for a man who pays attention to himself and his grooming. Just as the details distinguish a fine automobile from the rest, Chrome by Azzaro will provide the right accent to set any man apart.

Pleasures by Estee Lauder for Men

please estee lauder best cologne for men

Launched by the House of Estee Lauder, Pleasures for Men comes bursting with a blend of woody, fruity, and spicy accords, tipped with the faintest hint of spicy rose. It is designed for modern professionals who desire to smell fresh all day. Trapped with the handsome bottle is an aromatic mix of notes. It starts out with top notes of grapefruit and nectarine and then gently eases into middle notes of lavender, pepper, coriander, and pimento, for a scent that lingers teasingly for hours. For lasting appeal, the fragrance is anchored in strong base notes of oak moss, ebony tree, and benzoin.

The nose behind this refined fragrance is the famous perfumer, Pierre Wargnye, known for designing some of the best mens cologne. The result is a sophisticated cologne that lends itself well to casual wear. Apply this fragrance shortly before a dinner date or work function, to enjoy the glow of a sweet spicy trail in your wake.

L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake

issey miyake cologne for men

Going on a hot date can make you ecstatic as you get ready to dress up. You thought donning a tuxedo and wearing your newly-shined shoes complete your dashing look. Better think again. You have something more to do. That is, spritzing on some pumps of L’eau d’Issey, which will surely complete your dashing look and guarantee you that at the end of the date, you still smell good for some cozy embrace.

L’eau d’Issey is one of the best mens cologne that blends citrus and spice with some notes of woods, amber and musk. This is a good choice for evening gatherings or dates and may last longer depending on your body chemistry, mood, stress level, diet or current medications.

L’eau d’Issey, introduced by Issey Miyake, a Japanese clothes and fragrance designer, is an absolute favorite by men who prefer refined and subtle fragrance that lasts long after being applied. It comes in a nice frosted glass bottle and exudes a very pleasing scent, unlike other colognes for men that are too musky and overly sweet. With just two to three sprays in the morning before leaving for work, you will smell good all day without intruding into the olfactory nerves of some people standing across the room. This is one of the best men’s cologne for a males who prefer a more subtle fragrance.

While these are some great choices that have been proven time and time again, always try to test some out for yourself. You can also try experimenting with pheromones for men. We have a nice writeup on pheromone cologne here on the blog.

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